Mona Åsehäll, Sweden

My dad has been in the spirit world for around 16 years. I have never taken the chance or opportunity to have contact with someone in the spirit world. I think what has stopped me is I have felt Scared and suspicious but then, I meet Jacqueline and she just happened to be a medium and all this came to be a little more natural for me…..

One day I asked Jacqueline to make contact with my dad through a photo. On that day nothing happened, my dad was not ready, he was not “home.” Next day I came home after a walk, I suddenly felt exhausted, low and nearly depressed. I went to bed for a rest. I woke up all of a sudden and said to Jacqueline, I think my dad is here now. I think what I feel now are his feelings.

Jacqueline tuned into the energy, yes he is here now she said. It was a very heavy, sad and low energy he came with. My dad was crying and wanted forgiveness, it was very emotional. I asked some questions and I got some answers. He gave me a very deep strong message then he left very abruptly.

Even if my dad’s energy felt low and sad, it was still a good meeting and I understand a little more now around my dad and our relationship in the past…

I can strongly recommend that you take a reading with Jacqueline, she is a very deeply connected and warm-hearted person, who has a strong mission in this life to be a channel for the spirit world, and so we through her can come in contact with our loved ones.

Thanks, Jacqueline with love Mona

November 2016

Nikki Brown, UK

I have learned a great deal from Jacqueline since we met in 2012.  She has a wealth of life experience and knowledge, common sense and deep insights. She really listens and is empathetic without being judgemental. She has the ability to see the bigger picture, to hone in on the real issue and to speak from the heart and say things as they are. I would highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone seeking life or spiritual guidance.

August 2017