Meditation and Synchronicities

Meditation by the sea

“When you confront yourself you will know who you are” Sri Bhagavan.

As I said in the previous post, Inner World Outer World, the book The Secret opened me up to a completely new world. The world of self-help and spirituality, which eventually led me to meditation.

But when I started this journey back in around 2007/2008 I had no idea what meditation was. I didn’t have any friends who meditated and although I had heard of it, it wasn’t something that was a part of my life.that all changed in 2010.

That all changed in 2010.

Once I’d connected with The Secret website, it lead me to many other spiritual, self-help websites….I started to come into contact with profound teachings taught by many inspirational teachers, each of whom coached me in something new and amazing.

I started to notice synchronicities with these teachers. It felt like a guiding hand was leading me to the right information—I mean exactly what I needed at the time I needed it, would be miraculously manifest for me. It was so exciting and like this, step-by-step I progressed.

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