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“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you” Dane Rudhyar

I’ve briefly mentioned living and working in Shanghai in previous blog posts, but as this was the most important phase in my life for so many reasons, I think I wouldn’t be doing Shanghai justice if I didn’t dedicate more time to this period of my life

But before I get into the story allow me to go back a little in time, to the events that led me to Shanghai.

I’ve already described the period in my life where I went in and out of deep depression in the Visions and Depressions post…. Well, during this period, I was also made redundant from my work as a fabric-sourcing manager.

It took me a whole year to get another job in the fashion industry, naturally adding to my depression.

Finally, in 2001, I found a job as fabric sourcing manager for a garment manufacturer and dedicated supplier to Marks and Spencer—a well-known brand in the UK.

This would be my comeback job and I felt so excited about getting back into the industry I loved.

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