John of God crystals

I am a medium and have been practicing since my training at Arthur Findlay College for just over a year now. However, my contact with spirit started many years ago and has been an organic progression over time, which eventually took me to the Arthur Findlay College. I connect naturally with the spirit world and I consider it an honour and a privilege to be of service to spirit and to those seeking help in this way.

I give mediumship readings for loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit world. These readings can often include messages of encouragement, which can offer reassurance to the friends and family members that are left. I also provide personal auric readings, which can serve as guidance during difficult, challenging or transitional phases in life, when one needs support or help with making decisions.

I can carry out readings in person, over Skype or with a photo. For more details and further information, please feel free to contact me.


Karina Ung, France.
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I know it took a lot of your energy to be able to help me with the reading and I really appreciate it. This experience was priceless and was really helpful to my family and I.
We are extremely greatful for your precious help! Again thank you so much.
August 2017
Mona Åsehäll, Sweden.

In 2011 my mum passed away from this world, she suffered in the last year with a heart problem and pancreatic cancer. Around the time of her death and transition, many “strange” things happened, things which today, I would not call strange…today I know that these things were a sign and messages from the spirit world.

I have always been curious about the spirit world but a little scared. I have also had difficulties to believe and trust the signs I get, so taking contact with my mum after her death, didn’t feel so natural for me…until I met Jacqueline. She had just come home from a mediumship school-Arthur Findlay in the UK. I thought now I shall test her a little.

I took a letter I had written to my mum after her death, which I had saved. I kept one letter and put the other in my mum’s coffin. It was a very deep and personal letter…

Jacqueline took the letter, off course without reading it. She held it in her hand and felt the energy of the words. She experienced such strong energy and was very affected. She could directly tell me that this letter belonged to someone close to me.

After a while, she said this is your mum’s and then she could retell the things I had written in the letter using my words. I was quite surprised. And there and then I could begin to believe more and more.
Later we asked if my mum wanted to come and she came directly, with very strong energy.

Through Jacqueline, my mum could take me through her death and transition process. It was very strong both for me and for Jacqueline. My mum and I both cried and it felt very emotional. My mum had a really light, loving energy and she left me a message, which made me feel very happy. The whole experience was very powerful and I felt very glad that I had tested Jacqueline’s mediumship skills and that it gave me this loving meeting with my mum.

Thank You, Dear Jacqueline, with love Mona

September 2016